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Our services are primarily designed to assist companies in the pharmaceutical industry.


Tell us what your business goals are and we will advise you how to achieve them. Along with the designed solutions, we will collect reliable data. Lets inquire together HOW and WHY in qualitative research and HOW MUCH and HOW OFTEN when looking into quantitative aspects of processes. We'll show you the way.

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Yes...we pull together

How we work

We view things from different angles and presepectives. We will also peep-in where you have not looked before.

Why work with us

Together, we look for answers that will get you closer to your goals

At Vantage, we strive to be a useful partner to our clients in achieving their strategic objective. We not only advise them on the optimal way of colleting the data needed for the upcomgin business decisions, in particular, we offer a comprehensive interpretation of the research findings and shaping of an action plan.

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Satisfied client referrals

  • Martin
    The study has uncovered the unmet needs in the treatment of the disease that we focused on in planning a new campaign.


    Product Manager
  • Patrik
    The quantitative online survey we conducted helped us define more precisely the relevant patient profile and prescription drivers.


    Senior Product Manager

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Reliable source data

We choose the most efficient method, determine the suitable sample and deliver meaningful results.


Whether it's about exploring the patient journey or gaining better understanding of physicians' decision-making, we'll help you to navigate through.

Qualitative research

We will inquire HOW and WHY using trusted professional methodology such as Focus Group Discusions, In-Depth-Interviews, or Bulletin Boards.

Quantitative research

We will inquire HOW MUCH/MANY and HOW OFTEN applying diverse interviewing methods inlcuding face-to face (PAPI, TAPI), telephonic (CATI) as well as online interviewing (CAWI).

The benefits
of our cooperation

We are genuinely pleased when you are doing well. And we want to be there ... but also behind it.